Microïds Releases New Artwork From Syberia 3
Microïds Releases New Artwork From Syberia 3
In celebration of the release of Syberia on Mac; PS3 and Xbox 360 to follow
Posted: 02/28/14 | Category: News | Platform: Apple macintosh

News: Microïds Announces the Release of Syberia on Mac - February 27, 2014
Syberia 3 Preliminary Artwork, Interview with Benoît Sokal - February 27, 2014

Benoit Sokal, working with Microïds, has created one of the most famous adventure game series ever released: Syberia. As players await the much-anticipated Syberia 3, the team shares some preliminary artwork from the work-in-progress.

Elliot Grassiano, VP at Microïds: “As we keep having a new audience discover the unique universe of 'Syberia' through adaptations on mobiles, tablets, today Mac and soon PS3 and Xbox 360, we progress in the creation of the third episode of Kate Walker’s adventures. *We are also striving to take the series beyond the only video game universe (sic) and hope to soon have a few surprises to announce to the fans who keep being more and more numerous and loyal.”

Syberia 3 is due for multiplatform release in 2015.

*Editor's note: A little youki told us that a Syberia comic book is planned and that Microïds is looking for experienced drafters.

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