Moebius: Empire Rising to be Released April 15th on PC and Mac
Moebius: Empire Rising to be Released April 15th on PC and Mac
From Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen and Phoenix Online Publishing
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In the first of a the long-awaited series of paranormal adventures from Jane Jensen, Moebius: Empire Rising, players will become antiques dealer and brilliant historian Malachi Rector and travel to exotic locales with his bodyguard, former special forces operative David Walker, to unravel a mystery surrounding the brutal murder of a young woman.

During his travels, Malachi meets a stranger with whom he has an odd familiarity. Every time he lowers his guard, someone tries to kill him. These travels are not fun.

Malachi must analyze suspects, make historical connections and piece together clues to uncover a conspiracy actively defended at any cost by the U.S. government and other covert agencies.     

Jane Jensen, head of game developer Pinkerton Road: "After two years in development, I'm excited to bring Moebius: Empire Rising to market. I've worked closely with Phoenix throughout development, and I know they love this game as much as I do. I'm pleased to have them handling the publishing end so I can focus on writing and designing more games."

Cesar Bittar, CEO of Phoenix Online Studios: "Working with Jane, one of gaming's most accomplished storytellers, has been an incredible experience from the perspective of both a fan and partner. We're thrilled to help bring her new series of paranormal thrillers to life – and even more thrilled to bring to one of 2014's most-anticipated titles straight to gamers worldwide."

Mobeius: Empire Rising was successfully funded through Kickstarter. The game will debut on PC and Mac on April 15, 2014. Later in the year, it will be released for Linux, iPad and Android tablets.

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