Team Junkfish Announces Monstrum Greenlight Campaign
Team Junkfish Announces Monstrum Greenlight Campaign
Become a monster's prey after you're trapped onboard a derelict ship
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Trailer, Screens, Info - February 18, 2014

Monstrum is a first-person survival horror game from indie developer Team Junkfish in which players are stranded aboard a derelict ship filled with traps, environmental hazards and a terrifying beast.

The player must search the ship for possible means of escape while evading the monster using wits and guile along with running, hiding and luring the monster away with distractions.

Monstrum combines permadeath with a procedurally-generated ship that changes its layout with every playthrough. Lending itself to replayability, the game is both challenging and punishing.

Monstrum will be available in late Q3 2014 on Windows, Mac and Linux. Oculus Rift will be supported.

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