Loading Human: An Evolved Interactive Adventure Game
Loading Human: An Evolved Interactive Adventure Game
Developer Untold Games To Whisk Players Into a True Virtual World
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Loading Human - Trailer, Screens, Info - January 27, 2014

Loading Human is the evolution of the classic point-and-click adventure game. It utilizes recent advancements in VR technology and motion sensor controllers to provide an unprecedented level of immersion.

Loading Human is an "old style" adventure game (think Monkey Island, The Dig) in which you take on the role of André Gibson, a writer who has a "degenerative memory disease."

You will hear André's thoughts, control his body with your own and live his life. You will naturally interact with the world, picking up objects, opening them or using them just as in the real life.

Flavio Parenti, Game Designer and Art Director: “The advances in VR and motion-sensor technology have allowed us to create a new level of immersion with Loading Human, and we are excited to provide a glimpse of what awaits players when they experience life through André Gibson’s eyes, hands and movements.”

Loading Human will be released for Windows and Mac OS later this year. Along with the Oculus Rift headset, the game will also be playable with a standard monitor and a supported motion-based controller.

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