Adam's Venture Chronicles is Announced for PS3
Adam's Venture Chronicles is Announced for PS3
It's to be an enhanced edition of the game set in a beautiful 3D world
Posted: 01/17/14 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation 3

Adam's Venture Chronicles will feature a classic adventure with old-school puzzle/platform gameplay. Additionally, all installments of the series will be bundled into one epic experience.

Join Adam Venture on a quest to find ancient artifacts in a race between good and evil. Solve ingenious puzzles and embark on breathtaking platform challenges to outsmart the nefarious Clairvoix Corporation.

Vertigo Games and Playlogic will launch Adam's Venture Chronicles exclusively on PlayStation®Network on February 4th (US) and February 5th (EU).

Key Features:

• 10+ hours of classic adventure gameplay
• 60+ innovative puzzles
• Exciting platform challenges
• Visit gorgeous locations throughout Europe and the Middle East during the 1920s
• Musical score and sound design by award winning composer Jonathan van den Wijngaarden
• Enjoy Adam’s Venture adventures as intended by the developer for the first time.

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