FOG: The Story of Jacques Matthews is Announced
FOG: The Story of Jacques Matthews is Announced
A psychological adventure from indie developer Curiosity Studios
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Announcement Trailers - January 13, 2014

FOG: The Story of Jacques Matthews is Torquay-based, 5-man indie developer Curiosity Studios' first title.

The game is a psychological adventure that blends deep exploration, emotional storytelling and enthralling puzzles in a seamless, immersive experience that changes with every playthrough. 

Fisherman Jacques Matthews and his crew have been through a terrible storm at sea. Jacques ends up lost and disoriented on a constantly shifting island that's covered with thick fog - a fog that conceals many dangers. His crew is nowhere to be found.

He meets a strange girl who says she will help him. In order to search for his crew, unlock the island's secrets and keep his sanity, Jacques is compelled to trust her.

Watch the announcement trailer here.

Key Features:
  • FOG: With the ever-changing FOG system, each playthrough is a unique experience; game structure, level placement, visuals, audio and story-related events are randomly generated
  • Follow the Light: The game's unique art style and lighting surrounds the player in an eerie, gorgeous world
  • Immersive Puzzles: Search the island and encounter immersive and engaging puzzles that test your reactions, speed, brains and mentality
  • Story Time: The game's deep psychological story is filled with atmospheric locations, intricate characters and mysterious unknowns
  • By the Gamers, for the Gamers: Developed alongside the GCPP (Gaming Community Portfolio Project), a project aiming to help fellow gamers build portfolios and achieve their dreams of jobs in the games industry.
FOG: The Story of Jacques Matthews will be released on PC and Mac in 2014.

Meanwhile, Curiosity Studios is teaming up with Arbortor Studios to produce a five-part, live-action FOG spin-off to enjoy as a build-up to FOG. Further details will be forthcoming; an announcement trailer can be viewed here.
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