Darkout Released for PC
Darkout Released for PC
Sci-fi sandbox side-scrolling adventure game now available.
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Independent development studio Allgraf announced today that their side-scrolling sci-fi sandbox action-adventure game Darkout is now available for the PC. The game features randomly-generated 2-D levels where players explore, builld, and defend themselves from aliens.
Darkout stars a single survivor (the player) of a crashed stasis pod on the planet Illuna, a world that has been horribly transformed since humanity tried to escape it. It is up to the player to survive on the hostile planet by exploring the terrain that is randomly generated around them. They will find and interact with items, gather resources, build shelters, craft weapons, and explore what's going on with the planet itself. The player will also find logs and entries left behind to expand the main story and find out what happened in Illuna's past and how it will affect the player's future.
Darkout's initial release is just the first part in a saga by the Allgraf team, with multiplayer and additional narratives to be added on down the line. 
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