New Screenshot for Walking Dead Season 2
New Screenshot for Walking Dead Season 2
New solitary screenshot shows Clementine and Omid looking like they've been through it all.
Posted: 12/02/13 | Category: News | Developer: Telltale Games | Platform: Google tv, Xbox 360, Playstation vita, Playstation 3, Ipad
Telltale Games released today one solitary screenshot for the upcoming release of The Walking Dead Season 2, the sequel to the wildly popular and successful Walking Dead Season 1 and 400 Days. The single screenshot shows both Clementine and Omid, characters from the last season, exploring what seems to be the exterior of a gas station and looking a bit tired and worn out.
Currently there's no solid release date for the second season of The Walking Dead adventure game, aside from "December 2013". Like with the previous season, Season 2 will feature multiple episodes released in order as they are completed.
The game is expected to release on PC, Mac, iOS devices, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Ouya.
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