The Mandate Reaches Funding Target
The Mandate Reaches Funding Target
Funding goal reached, stretch goals are next on horizon.
Posted: 11/27/13 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
Perihelion Interactive announced today that their Kickstarter project The Mandate, a six-player cooperative sci-fi RPG set in space, has hit its fundraising goal of $500,000 and is now aiming for stretch goals. With the project reaching its funding goal, the game aims to release in Q1 of 2015.
To celebrate reaching the goal ahead of the December 2, 2013 deadline, Perihelion released a developer log video titled "Anatomy of The Game", which explores more into the game's exploration, combat, and starbase modes. You can check out the developer log below:

So what sort of stretch goals is The Mandate looking to achieve? At $600,000, Perihelion wants to create Away Missions on planets, both non-combat and combat types. At $700,000, starbase interiors will be modeled for boarding operations to take place, as well as the possibility of players being able to walk around and interact with their own starbase. Hitting $800,000 will unlock the stretch goal of The Mandate having mod support, with the extra funds being able to devote time for the programmers and designers to code and create data structures to simplify the process of creating mods and total conversions for the game.

Perihelion also has a story-based trailer featuring the actor David Bradley from "Game of Thrones", "Doctor Who", and "Harry Potter". The trailer features David providing the voice for Lord High Admiral Suvarov giving a speech to a collection of criminals and disgraced officers who have been drafted to fight for the Empress of the Mandate and restore glory to the decimated Grand Fleet:

The Mandate will be releasing for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is set in a dystopian future controlled by a Russian Empire that has been inspired by Tsars throughout Russian history. Players will take the role of a captain that controls a ship crewed by officers that are selected by the player, as well as trained. With hundreds aboard the ship, the player is tasked with exploring the galaxy, engaging in combat, and survive.

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