Raven's Cry Release Date Announced
Raven's Cry Release Date Announced
Topware Interactive's Pirate RPG will arrive on May 7, 2014
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The Caribbean as depicted in Raven's Cry is anything but pleasant. It's a world of betrayal, greed and brutality.

Raven's Cry is the story of Christopher Raven, who seeks revenge for the murder of his family by bloodthirsty pirates, who also left him without a hand.

This thirst for revenge leads Raven into an open, free-roaming world where he oversteps every moral boundary and leaves a trail of blood.

Tadeusz Zuber, Head of the Development Team: “The idea for Raven’s Cry gives us the opportunity to create our very own image of the Caribbean and piracy, far removed from all the family idylls. Christopher is tormented by his own demons and external threats – and our goal is to make these realistic enough to be actually ‘felt’ by the player. Christopher is a man trapped in the chains of his own demons – and the only way to break these chains, it seems, is the path of violence and revenge which he has chosen.”

“It was important for us to drive Christopher’s sinister story on in a way that would enthrall players – but to give them more role-playing elements at the same time. He will constantly develop his character, his ships and his crew throughout the game and adapt it to his own personal style, which is somewhere between “Bad Ass and Bad Guy,” says Alexandra Constandache, CEO at TopWare.

This dark action adventure RPG is set to arrive on May 7, 2014.
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