The Mandate, a Sci-Fi RPG, has Reached Halfway Point in Kickstarter Campaign
The Mandate, a Sci-Fi RPG, has Reached Halfway Point in Kickstarter Campaign
Over $250,000 of its initial funding target of $500,000 has been raised; Ask Me Anything event planned
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The Mandate is a science-fiction RPG in a galaxy-sized sandbox. It draws inspiration from pre-revolutionary Russia and its rivals as well as classic works of science fiction; and from some of the finest strategy and RPG titles, past and present.

In the game, the governing force of civilization has its roots in Russian industry. It is known as the Mandate -- a reborn Tsarist Empire.

As civilization expands, corruption within the Mandate and dissent in the outer systems begins to spread.

The Emperor suddenly dies, leaving his rule to a young, inexperienced Empress. When the Grand Fleet is dispatched to restore order and is sabotaged, she is left vulnerable. She establishes the Corsairs, a fleet captained by ex-Mandate officers reinstated after having violated the sacred Articles of War and spending years in prison.

You are one of those officers. With a small ship, you must move swiftly and make your way to the far reaches of Mandate space. Your mission - to discover the fate of the Grand Fleet and restore order to the outer systems.
The game's Kickstarter campaign will run until December 2nd. Perihelion asks for your support in achieving its goal!

Perihelion will also be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for The Mandate on Wednesday, Nov 13th on Reddit, from 5pm EST (11pm CET, 10pm UK). Fans are invited to submit questions live to The Mandate team on anything to do with the Tsarist space opera RPG, which is set for release on PC, Mac and Linux during Q1 2015.
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