The Dead Flowers Case Blooms on Kickstarter
The Dead Flowers Case Blooms on Kickstarter
Enter Stéphane Halleux's amazing steampunk universe
Posted: 11/11/13 | Category: News | Platform: Tablet
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The Dead Flowers Case is an adventure game for PC, Mac & Tablets created by the producers of Syberia & Amerzone and acclaimed steampunk sculptor/artist Stéphane Halleux. Mando Productions is asking for your support to make it a reality. 

The game is set in a fantastical, mechanical alternate reality in which flowers and plants have long since become extinct and the world runs to (apparent) mechanical perfection. This precise order of things is thrown into chaos when a murder is committed. The dead flowers placed alongside the body are the only clue.

At this point, the player assumes the role of the investigating detective. Discover a fabulous universe with its extraordinary inhabitants, a living world where the characters react to your every action and will often do the strangest things.

The Dead Flowers Case will bring together classic adventure gameplay elements and modern features. This is a world in which things aren't exactly as you know them, and every detail will matter.

You will question strange and colourful citizens, uncover clues, discover when, how and why this mysterious crime occurred, and ultimately, who committed it...and why.

The game's Kickstarter campaign will run until December 8, 2013.
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