The ORPHEUS Ruse Available Now

Multiple-choice interactive fiction spy novel now available for multiple platforms.


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Ever wanted to control the outcome of a novel, a thrilling spy novel at that? Now you have your chance: Choice of Games announced the release of The ORPHEUS Ruse today for iOS, Android, PC, OS X, and Linux platforms.
The novel has you playing the part of a psychic spy that can leap from body to body by touch. However, when your own body is stolen, it becomes a race against time to find your body before your mind disintegrates. This spy novel is written by Paul Gresty, and is entirely text-based without graphics or sound, but relies on the reader to make choices in the book to influence how the story unfolds.
The first part of the game is available free (which we are warned that ends on a cliffhanger). Desktop versions can be purchased via the Chrome web store.
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