Update on In Verbis Virtus Indiegogo Campaign
Update on In Verbis Virtus Indiegogo Campaign
New referral contest launched to bring in funding and nice goodies for those that help.
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Indomitus Games announced today via newsletter that they're adding a new promotion to crowdfund their action-puzzle dungeon explorer game In Verbis Virtus. What sets In Verbis Virtus apart from other games is that spells are used by saying them in real-time by the player as they explore the mystical dungeon.
The promotion that Indomitus Games is running to reach their $65,000 goal is a referral contest: by having funders' friends come and contribute via social network link sharing and emails, supporters with the highest referrals will get all of the awards included in the "Immortal Perk". The Immortal Perk, valued at $1,200, contains the winner's face being put in the game, a silver and silver pendant, beta participation, an ultra-detailed model of the mysterious Winged Glory, a t-shirt, an art booklet, poster, soundtrack, and of course a full copy of the game.
Indomitus Games has also announced the first backer to choose the Archmage Perk ($500) will receive an extra t-shirt for free. Funders will also now be able to customize their own rewards, such as extra copies of the game, or the silver pendant.
For additional information on In Verbis Virtus visit our Upcoming Releases page.
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