Build RSI's Next Great Star Citizen Starship
Build RSI's Next Great Star Citizen Starship
Modding competition is announced by game designer Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium™ Games
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Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium™ Games (CIG) have announced another way for fans of Star Citizen™ to be involved directly in its highly anticipated development.

The Next Great Starship™ modding competition will involve teams of up to three people, who will design, model and rig a spaceship that will be integrated into Star Citizen. The grand prize is $30,000.

This competition was unveiled Oct. 10th, at the one-year anniversary celebration for Star Citizen in Austin. Registration will run from October 31st through December 31st.

Creation of a fully-designed wave particle cannon will be first up for competitors. Submitted videos will be judged by a nine-member panel.
Those entries that pass muster will go through a narrowing-down process from which 16 finalists will emerge. Those teams will then start designing their starships.  

Commencing January 31, 2014, episodes of The Next Great Starship -- during which teams will present WIP updates to the panel of judges -- will air once a week on the Roberts Space Industries™ (RSI) YouTube channel. Teams will be eliminated until only two remain. These two finalists will then compete live in front of the judging panel and the community during the final episode, which will take place June 8, 2014 in Los Angeles.

“Our fans have been clamoring for a way to get even more involved in the making of Star Citizen and I think we’ve found the ideal solution,” said Chris Roberts. “What better way to become part of the game than to create a spaceship that you and your friends can actually fly and take into battle. The winners of this contest will have to travel through an amazing process to get to the end, but there will be no doubt after navigating the weeks and months of tough competition that these three individuals will deserve the crown as designers of The Next Great Starship.”

For more info and to enter the competition (starting October 31st), see the Roberts Space Industries website.
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