SpellForce 2 – Demons Of The Past release date pushed to January 16, 2014

Marking the end of an era, this add-on will conclude the SpellForce 2 series


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In order to ensure the best gaming experience possible, Nordic Games is delaying the release date of Demons of the Past so that a co-op mode may be added to single-player campaigns. A new survival mode is also planned.

“We had the choice to either release the single player part first, then follow-up with the new multiplayer modes later, or release it all in one go. We opted for the latter,” said Gennaro Giani, Localization and Production Manager at Nordic Games. “Of course, this was not an easy decision to make, but it reflects our own standards when it comes to gaming more than in single bits and pieces, and this way the gamer will benefit from a comprehensive gaming experience.”

A mix of RPG and RTS, Demons of the Past will add five new maps (for a total to eight), will continue the story of Faith in Destiny and will put the fate of Eo in players' hands.   

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