Frictional Games' New SOMA Teaser Trailer Reveals More
Frictional Games' New SOMA Teaser Trailer Reveals More
The rabbit hole goes deeper after last week's "Vivarium" teaser trailer from Frictional Games.
Posted: 10/08/13 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation 4, Windows
Frictional Games keeps the teaser trailer running strong with a release earlier today of a new clip called SOMA: Item #4017 "Mockingbird." 
The nearly five minute video presented in live action has what appears to be a technician in a workshop sitting before a heap of machinery and wiring that speaks in a semi-human, semi-robotic voice. The technician asks a series of questions to the machine before her, and it seems as if the voice from the machine doesn't realize he's a machine. It only gets better from here. Please note that there is strong language in the video.
Further information in the video description has this:
DESC: Appendix A+B, case file #4017
STATE: 95% recovery rate
Additionally, following the link in the description leads to a "Soma Systems" webpage, with this description about "Mockingbird:"
A standard UH3 articulated robot, active fluid memory with an approximated intelligence (GARBLED) shows a much more active mind (GARBLED) spontaneously developed a desire to socialize from observing human interaction?
(GARBLED) intelligence first noted by Security Officer Douglas Strohmaier while investigating an automated distress signal coming from Construct Depot 11 (GARBLED) Mockingbird h ad pried another UH3 open and removed its AI-unit (GARBLED) made motions resembling those of eating, moving it close to its camera, and  making sounds similar to smacking of the lips (GARBLED) it introduced itself as Chief Engineer Adam Golaski.
Quarantined in T260 Machine Rep (GARBLED) during the night it had taken itself apart. AM Engineer Imogen Reed quickly records an interview in case the Mockingbird would continue its self-destruction. (GARBLED) appears there is a real Adam Golaski working at Omicron. Invited Chief Engineer Golaski to talk to the imposter construct."
Almost a week ago we had a news post that suggested that there is a new IP in the works from Frictional Games. This latest teaser seems to possibly hint at a human/AI interaction, or a "ghost in the machine" type of story.
We'll keep our eyes peeled!
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