Eleusis - A Story-Driven Dark Adventure with Horror Elements and Challenging Puzzles

From developer Nocturnal Works and publisher Base Games, to be released this Fall


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The first fully developed title from Nocturnal Works, Eleusis is a 3D first-person adventure for Windows developed using the Unreal Engine.

The location: a seemingly abandoned village in Greece. The player, looking for refuge, finds himself in a whirlwind of mysterious events.

He finds clues indicating that the village is the nest of a cult that is planning to revive a dark force and harness its power using an ancient ritual. In order to stop the cult, the player must unlock the forgotten knowledge of the ancient mysteries.

Ted Bishop, CEO at Base Games, has commented, "We love adventure projects with a slight twist on the horror front. We have huge confidence in Nocturnal Works and Eleusis and are delighted to have secured the retail and digital rights for such a strong product.”

Eleusis is being localized into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish, and will be released to European retail stores and digital portals in October 2013. A demo is currently available.
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