Nibelungen Saga Kickstarter campaign is launched by The Games Foundation
Nibelungen Saga Kickstarter campaign is launched by The Games Foundation
The developers are looking to raise US$ 60,000 for the further development of the game
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The Nibelungen saga is an ancient tale from Northern Europe. In the game, the player relives the adventures of Sigvard, a young warrior who must fight to aid a young queen whose realm is threatened by Fafnir, an evil swampland creature that's ravaging the lands of the Nibelungen tribe and its people.

Sigvard must find and salvage a magical weapon that once belonged to his father: the sword of Gram. The Andvaranaut, a ring forged by dwarves that has shape-shifting and invisibility powers, also plays an important part in the hero’s long and dangerous journey across the Northlands wilderness.

Many books, operas and other works of art have been inspired by the Nibelungen saga. Composer Richard Wagner (Der Ring des Nibelungen) and J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) both drew inspiration from the saga.

Now the legend will be retold in an interactive game, which the developer seeks to make as faithful as possible to the source material and the cultural and historical background of the era. Players will explore the environs of Viking-age Scandanavia and Germany, encountering monsters, characters and locations rooted in Norse mythology. Clichéd, "generic" fantasy creatures that would not match the game’s unique setting will be strictly avoided.

Nibelungen Saga is an important piece of our cultural heritage, a remnant of a time long gone. It has been passed on to us from our ancestors, and we want to pass it on to future generations”, said the producer of the game, Gustaf Stechmann.“What better way is there for our generation to preserve and honor this ancient heritage, than to bring it back to life in the form of a top-notch digital game?”

Nibelungen Saga will be released on Windows, Linux and Mac
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