In Torment: Case of the Drawing Girl, a Freeware Game
In Torment: Case of the Drawing Girl, a Freeware Game
Enter the nightmares of a tormented girl in a game for PC by Daniel-D. "guert" Guertin
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In Torment: Case of the Drawing Girl is a point-and-click horror adventure that plunges players head-first into a world where madness rules.

Here, you must discover the identity of a disturbed woman who is silent and communicates through drawings. She is known only as The Drawing Girl.

Seach for clues in a world of nightmares and twisted imagery. Detach from reality and enter the clues you find. Beware of what you might find in the tormented soul of The Drawing Girl.

The game offers a new story every time a new game is started. Players can also select the level of the story's "darkness." Higher levels offer events and torments that are increasingly twisted.

In Torment: Case of the Drawing Girl features hand-crafted artwork as well as an innovative interrogation system and an eerie atmosphere.

At the 2010 IGF awards, the game received honorable mention in the Nuovo category under its original title Art of Crime

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