The Perils of Man Episode 1 to be Released
The Perils of Man Episode 1 to be Released
A time-traveling adventure for iPAD from IF Games, formed by an award-winning Swiss team from boutiq Animation, and ex-Lucas Arts designer Bill Tiller
Posted: 08/20/13 | Category: News | Developer: IF Games, Bill Tiller | Platform: Ipad

Upcoming Release: The Perils of Man Trailers and Screens - March 13, 2014

IF Games is a new studio with a passion for storytelling and cinematic appeal that, along with Bill Tiller, is developing The Perils of Man, a two-part adventure game for iPAD.

The game tells the story of Ana, a teenage girl who is catapulted into an adventure through time. She discovers hidden technology developed by her ancestors that has the power to foresee risk and remove all of life's uncertainties.

Ana must discover why this technology was kept hidden and if a universe that's perfectly predictable would be a blessing or a curse.

The game features:
The ability to visit disasters and catastrophes throughout history
Access to a hidden matrix of cause and effect
A dark history of secrets and puzzles devised to keep someone out or something in
24 different environments
A unique graphic style

Episode 1 is due out this October; Episode 2 will be released later in 2013.

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