Anna's Quest Teaser, Screens, Info

Anna's Quest Teaser, Screens, Info

A classic point-and-click adventure with lots of black humor and a fantastic story set in a beautifully dark fairytale world


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In a faraway land lives a brave young girl called Anna. She leads a peaceful life in the forest with her grandfather until a mysterious illness befalls him.

Anna must then venture forth to find a cure, but the world is more treacherous than she imagined. The witch Winfriede kidnaps Anna to use in an experiment, and her journey comes to an aprupt end.

As a result of this experiment, Anna develops kinetic powers. With the help of these powers -- which she can barely control -- and Ted, a boy  who  has  been turned  into  a  teddy bear, Anna escapes from her cell.

The two set off on an adventure in a haunting world of witches, trolls, ghosts and cursed princesses, all of which play a part in Anna's quest to find a cure for her grandfather.

Anna's Quest is being developed by Dane Krams and will be released by Daedalic Entertainment in Spring 2015 for PC and Mac.

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