Albino Lullaby - More Screens and Info
Albino Lullaby - More Screens and Info
From indie developer Ape Law, an episodic first-person horror adventure set in a dark and fun subterranean world
Posted: 08/07/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Ape Law | Platform:

News: Albino Lullaby is Accepted into Boston FIG Showcase - September 8, 2014
Albino Lullaby Trailers, Screens, Info - August 6, 2014

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Justin Pappas, Founder and Creative Director at Ape Law: Ape Law’s mission is to build great games that feature more story and depth. Albino Lullaby delivers on this promise with an immersive, detailed story that players unveil through interacting with the environment around them.  We plan to deliver episodic content each quarter beginning this Fall.


  • The Next Gen of Adventure Games - More story and less cutscenes
  • Interactive Immersive World - Dynamic world transforms around you
  • Layered Story - Deep background of characters and events
  • Different Play Styles - Sneak or gung ho!
  • Episodic Releases - Pay as you go or get a season pass
  • UE4 - One of the first released indie games built on the Unreal Engine 4
  • Rift Ready - Built from ground up to play great on the Oculus Rift
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