ADR1FT - E3 Screens, Info
ADR1FT - E3 Screens, Info
Fight to stay alive on an emotional journey through action, consequence and redemption framed in science fiction, from indie developer Three One Zero
Posted: 06/15/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Three One Zero | Publisher: 505 Games | Platform: Xbox one, Playstation 4

You're an astronaut silently floating through the wreckage of a destroyed space station. Your EVA suit is damaged. You have no memory.

You're the survivor of a catastrophic event that has killed everyone else on board.

To stand a chance of remaining alive and returning to Earth, you must explore the wreckage, search for precious resources, deal with an unforgiving environment and repair an escape vehicle.

ADR1FT represents more than science fiction; it will take the player on an emotional journey which, in the end, will result in contemplation of the parallels between choices in the game and choices in real life.

ADR1FT will be the first title from California-based indie developer Three One Zero, which was founded in 2013 by Adam Orth and Omar Aziz. 

Ian Howe, president of publisher 505 Games: "The Three One Zero team epitomizes the tremendous passion and creativity of independent game development. I’ve wanted to publish ADR1FT from the moment I first saw it at DICE; we’re looking forward to working with Three One Zero to deliver a bold new gaming experience to all types of players."

Adam Orth: "I’m very happy to be partnering with 505 Games for ADR1FT. From the very beginning, Ian Howe and his team have passionately understood the game Omar and I are trying to make. They have empowered us with the freedom to explore and create something special with ADR1FT, both traditionally and with VR technology. It’s clear from games like Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and some of their upcoming titles that 505 is not afraid to take chances and give gamers something fresh and new. That’s important to us. That’s what we’re all about. We’re excited to be part of that."

ADR1FT will be released in mid-2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will support Oculus Rift.

Note: This game is not to be confused with the upcoming open-world adventure game Adrift, from indie developer Seth Howell aka Dying Breed Games.

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