A Story About My Uncle - Trailers, Screens and Info

A Story About My Uncle - Trailers, Screens and Info

Soar through a game world with a unique art
style and a mysterious story that unfolds before you in this platform adventure from indie developer Gone North Games and publisher Coffee Stain Studios


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News: A Story About My Uncle To Be Launched on May 28th - May 14, 2014

A Story About My Uncle is a bedtime story that a father is telling his daughter. When the father was young, his biggest dream was to follow his uncle Fred on his many adventures around the world. When the uncle disappears, the boy decides to go after him and ends up in another world.

With help from his uncle’s inventions, he traverses beautiful underground caves, uncovers clues to his uncle’s whereabouts and meets fantastical creatures that help him on his journey. The further the boy goes into the caves, the deeper the mystery gets. Where had uncle Fred gone, and why had he left so suddenly?

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