The Old City Trailer, Screens and Info

The Old City Trailer, Screens and Info

Here we have an abstract philosophical adventure that's a journey in epistemology. Get ready to put on your thinking caps, boys and girls.


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The Old City - New Trailer, Gameplay Video, Screens - May 13, 2014

The philosophically-founded story of The Old City, from indie developer PostMod Softworks, is the focus of the entire game. Above all, it's a story of choice.

The game, which takes place in a decaying city, will be a journey in epistemology. The overall objective is to present a clear and coherent philosophical message in a deep and meaningful world of allegory in which you will be forced to make personal choices in a nonlinear but directed story.

There are no weapons, no items, and no skill-trees. You and the world are all that exist.

Gameplay is minimalistic and primarily serves as a vehicle for immersion. You progress through the game by simply exploring the environment. The story is told via the musings of your character and the environment itself.

The Old City is to be released on Windows at a date to be determined.

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