Caffeine Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer 2, Teasers, New Screens, Info
Caffeine Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer 2, Teasers, New Screens, Info
Find yourself alone on a space station where something quite unfortunate appears to have happened
Posted: 03/03/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Dylserx | Platform:

Caffeine Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video, Concept Level Images, Info - February 3, 2014

You're a young boy. You wake up on board a caffeine-mining space station. The only thing you're sure of is that something bad has happened.

Confused and alone, you start to explore the seemingly derelict space station. You find cryptic notes and messages everywhere. Could these be clues to what has occurred here?

First and foremost, Caffeine is a sci-fi horror adventure game that takes inspiration from FEAR, Condemned and Doom 3.

The game is currently in early development, and a demo is being created to give gamers a taste of both the immersive story and setting.

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