Hidden - Trailers, Screens, Info
Hidden - Trailers, Screens, Info
An upcoming point-and-click horror fantasy adventure for PC from indie developer Lost Spell
Posted: 02/23/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Lost Spell | Platform:

Where: Patagonian forests
When: 1934
Who: Eneko Farrell, a distinguished professor of science who's passionate about ancient history, and a group of like-minded explorers
What: In search of a forbidden city legend says has existed since before the dawn of mankind 
Why: To create a frightening and atmospheric point-and-click horror fantasy adventure for PC

You are anthropologist Tomas Farrell from the University of Buenos Aires, and you've been summoned to go on this expedition. But as sometimes happens, things don't exactly go as planned. The very place you're seeking holds a terrifying secret. 

Delve into fearsome, mysterious locations. Immerse yourself in dark and unexplored ancient woods. Solve intiguing puzzles as you advance through the game.   


  • Rich and mature story strengthened with documents, books, audio records and visual elements along the adventure
  • Classic point-and-click adventure gameplay with lot of items to interact with
  • Intriguing and immersive locations
  • Story-oriented puzzles
  • Original and gripping score for each location

Hidden will initially be released in English and Spanish, with other localizations planned. The game is in its final stage of development and should be appearing in mid-2014

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