A Rite from the Stars Trailer, Screens, Info
A Rite from the Stars Trailer, Screens, Info
A 3d graphic adventure from indie developer Risin' Goat that takes pointing-and-clicking to a paradisiacal yet dangerous setting: The Mystical Island of Kaikala, a place full of magic and challenges...
Posted: 02/22/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Risin' Goat | Platform: Other, Ouya console, Wii u

A Rite From the Stars Free Demo, Trailer, Gameplay Video, Screens, Info - August 12, 2014

Meet Kirm, a young member of the Makoa Tribe who is also mute. In order to leave childhood behind, he must overcome a rite of passage. 

This won't be simple, however. Kirm has been chosen by the Stars to become a legend among his peers. His rite will be neither ordinary nor easy. In order to complete it, he will have to master three paths... 

Wisdom - His mind must be sharp to go through an Ancient Temple full of traps.
Courage - His will must be strong to unleash his Power Animal and survive. 
Spirit - His soul must be ready to embrace the Spirit World.

...and a Final Trial.

A Rite from the Stars is a game about overcoming, and about magic. It takes place in a dynamic world where pixel-hunts, pointless long walks and even inventories are nowhere to be found. 

The game also offers the freedom to play the paths in any order, and features performance-based achievements (doing things faster, better, more efficiently, etc) as well as different possible endings.

 A Rite from the Stars is under development for Wii U, Windows, Mac, Linux and OUYA; its release date is TBD.

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