4PM - Trailer, Screens and Info
4PM - Trailer, Screens and Info
A short, experiential, interactive drama from indie developer Bojan Brbora
Posted: 02/18/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Bojan Brbora | Platform: Other

You play Caroline. Caroline wakes up. She has a hangover. Her flat is a mess.

This is the beginning of what appears to be just another typical day for Caroline. However, she's about to be confronted by a series of cathartic, life-changing experiences, and she'll have to make big decisions that will change the outcome of the game.

4PM will present an interesting blend of linear, cinematic stories and interactive gameplay . The game is targeted at players interested in interactive storytelling without the complexities and/or reflex-based nature of classic games.


  • Highly cinematic visuals
  • Professional voice acting
  • Orchestrated score
  • Dramatic, interactive story with a twist
  • Different types of gameplay in each scene

4PM is being developed by Bojan Brbora as a graduate project at the National Film and Television school in the UK. It will be released for PC, Mac and Linux in 2Q 2014.

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