Loading Human - Trailer, Screens, Info
Loading Human - Trailer, Screens, Info
A groundbreaking adventure game set in an immersive sci-fi virtual world designed for Oculus RIft and the Razer Hydra/Stem controllers
Posted: 01/27/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Untold Games | Platform:

News: Loading Human - An Evolved Interactive Adventure Game  - January 27, 2014

André Gibson has a degenerative memory disease. His wife Michelle, winner of a Nobel Prize for Science, decides to save him by testing her invention: the transfer of the human mind into a robot.

This transfer is irreversible and consists of traveling lucidly through memories as they are being scanned, reviving them in the exact manner in which they occurred. However, a single discrepancy could kill the patient.

André's disease has eroded many of his memories, so it's impossible for the transfer to be successful unless Michelle transfers herself into the same robot and allows André to access her memories, which will help him complete the missing parts of his mind.


André discovers that Michelle has a dark side through which the truth about "loading human" will gradually be revealed.

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