Candle - Trailers, Screens, Info
Candle - Trailers, Screens, Info
All graphics in this upcoming adventure are drawn and painted by hand
Posted: 12/14/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Teku Studios | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

Candle is a dynamic graphic adventure that inherits the spirit of classic cinematic adventures such as Out of This World or Flashback, and the gameplay mechanics of classic platformer adventures such as Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus. Teku Studios wants to go one step further, however, so they have brought together all the key features in those games to create a unique title focused on calm puzzle resolution but with modern and dynamic control of the character.

In Candle, players guide the inexperienced and vulnerable Teku on a thrilling journey to save his friends and unravel the mysteries of his world. Throughout this epic journey, he will face many trials and puzzles that players must solve using their minds and inventiveness.

Teku has a candle instead of a hand; this is a key feature of the gameplay. The candle can be used in dark spots to reveal hidden items, as well as to solve many of the game's puzzles. Teku must do whatever he can to prevent it from being extinguished

Candle is being developed traditionally. Everything is hand-painted in watercolors and ink, and character animations are drawn and painted frame-by-frame.

The game is set to be released as a DRM-free digital download in Spring 2014 and has been nominated as IndieDB's Indie Game of the Year.
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