The Banner Saga: Rough Guide to Combat Video & Screens
The Banner Saga: Rough Guide to Combat Video & Screens
New tutorial dives into basic strategies of preparing for combat and tactics to consider while in the heat of battle
Posted: 12/06/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Stoic | Publisher: Versus Evil | Platform: Apple macintosh, Microsoft windows
News - November 21, 2013
Trailers and Screens - November 21, 2013
News - November 8, 2013

Highlights of the video include an overview of the hero stats a player should keep an eye on: armor, strength, willpower, exertion and break, as well as a focus on how ‘willpower’ can also be used strategically to boost various actions in combat to take out an enemy. 

The Banner Saga is currently in development and has a confirmed release date of January 14, 2014 for PC and Mac.
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