The Fall Trailers, Screens, Info
The Fall Trailers, Screens, Info
A classic sci-fi platformer designed to capture that sense of wonder and exploration that great games like Super Metroid did so well, while adding a level of interactivity that comes from games like Monkey Island
Posted: 09/13/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Over the Moon | Platform: Other, Ouya console, Playstation vita, Playstation 4
News - September 12, 2013


The Fall, from indie developer Over the Moon, casts you in the role of ARID, an AI onboard an armoured combat suit, who takes control of the suit in order to help the human pilot who's hanging unconscious inside. However, ARID is bound by her laws of robotics and struggles with her own self-limitation as she attempts to help her human friend.

Most of the gameplay in The Fall centers around exploring your environment to overcome challenges and make sense of the world you find yourself in. This world isn't always friendly, however.

Combat in The Fall is just frequent enough to add a fun sense of tension without taking over completely and flattening out the primary experience, which is an atmospheric sense of curiosity and exploration.

  • A unique story, inspired by Asimov - players adopt the role of ARID, a virtual intelligence struggling to help its unconscious human friend, and struggle against its limiting behavioural laws
  • A fresh mix of genres - The Fall integrates point-and-click adventure games, platformers, and shooters into a very unique experience. Drawing equal inspiration from games like Super Metroid and Monkey Island, The Fall is humbly inspired by the greats that came before it.
  • A fresh narrative experience - The Fall has a story that focuses on "doing" rather than "watching." As players work their way through challenges, they organically find solutions that imply a larger narrative as the game progresses.
  • Gorgeous artwork - The Fall is all about atmosphere and exploration.
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