Tesla Effect: a Tex Murphy Adventure
Tesla Effect: a Tex Murphy Adventure
Remember Project Fedora? Well, that's the code name for this, the sixth game in the Tex Murphy Adventure Game series. Get your trailer, screenshots and info here.
Posted: 08/29/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Big Finish Games | Publisher: ATLUS | Platform:

Who is Tex Murphy?

First... Do you love adventure games? Ones with great stories, exciting mysteries to solve, lots of hilarious dialogue? Maybe even a little romance and danger?

If you're still interested (and if you're not, then God help you), what would you say to a true 3D adventure game experience with tons of world exploration, things to discover and use in clever ways, many interactive conversations with lots of interesting characters, and dozens of challenging puzzles (but with an awesome hint system so you never get stuck)?

And what if...brace yourself...on top of all this, the choices you made in the game – both in conversations and actions – could actually change the story, leading to new events and gameplay...even to different resolutions?

Who cares who Tex Murphy is, right? (OK. If you really want to know, he's an old-school P.I. living in a dystopian future who relies on questionable charm, good intentions, old-fashioned detective work and, often, dumb luck to solve thrilling, epic cases).

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