The Last Door Trailer, Screenshots and Info

The Last Door Trailer, Screenshots and Info

Game Kitchen's free episodic point-and-click horror adventure for web browser will now be offered in over 10 languages.


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News - August 20, 2013

The Last Door is a unique point-and-click adventure game with stylish low-res graphics and a spine-chilling horror storyline.

It is an indie, free-to-play game. The story unfolds chapter by chapter, as in an interactive web series.

The Last Door is being developed by a small team called The Game Kitchen, and is supported by the active collaboration of its community of players. Each chapter's development is financed on a monthly basis thanks to donations from our generous players.

Right now, The Last Door is only available for computers and Flash-supported devices. You can play this game in a web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox to play The Last Door, but it should be playable in other browsers as well.

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