• What sets Nevermind apart is the optional use of a heart monitor. But even without it, Nevermind is a very good, professionally-made game that's fun to play.
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure / Psychological Horror Release date: September 29, 2015 In Nevermi
    11/13/15 | News | by Bob Washburne
  • Angel of Darkness does not branch out into new areas, but rather delivers a solid new Tomb Raiding experience
    Note: Review was originally posted July 22, 2003 Lara Croft is back. Many people wonder if that is
    11/12/15 | News | by Scott Jelinek
  • According to indie developer Oleg Kazakov, this first-person horror game for PC/Windows will include scenes that are "the most disturbing in horror game history"
    Presented found-footage style, The Tape will be similar to watching an old VHS tape of horrifyin
    11/12/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • The first game from Zachary Quarles and his brother Josh -- collectively known as Winter Night Games -- is a 3D point-and-clicker in which players will take control of two characters
    Note: Screenshots have been taken from in-process development builds Arkhangel: The House of
    11/11/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • The story is engaging, environments and dialogues are well-done and the puzzles are fun to solve
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure Release date: July 14, 2015 Like many adventure gamers, I've becom
    11/11/15 | News | by Kemal Ure
  • The survival horror game will feature an intriguing form of permadeath and 16 playable characters
    Visit the Kickstarter page Protocol Games' newly-launched Kickstarter campaign is the second one f
    11/07/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • A game with staying power, both in the nightmares it will cause and the lingering questions it demands players to confront
    Genre: Horror Adventure Release date: September 21, 2015 Any horror-loving PC gamer who devoured Am
    11/06/15 | News | by Bailey James
  • Dreamcatcher's Beyond Time is a lovely first-person game that allows you to travel to ancient Egypt, Tikal, Tibet, and (where else?) Atlantis. It's a perfect way to spend a few hours of pleasant deja vu.
    Note: Review was first posted October 12, 1999 Release Date: March 1998 One of the nice things abou
    11/05/15 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • And it only took 11 days! Thank you, Comrades!
    Hey Comrades! Karaski: What Goes Up is on Steam Greenlight! - October 20, 2015 Karaski: What Goes U
    11/04/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • A game filled with intelligent puzzles, difficult platforming and a beautifully stylized world
    Genre: Platformer Release date: October 28, 2015 The development of Albert & Otto is a bit
    11/04/15 | News | by Ian Sims
  • Bob's November update of Crowdfunding Corner. See the latest campaigns and review the table of all "classic" adventure games that have used Kickstarter and Indiegogo along with their status.
    Greetings and welcome to the world of crowdfunding. If you are new to crowdfunding and aren't entir
    11/03/15 | News | by Bob Washburne
  • Creative and disturbing, it gives the player a truly wild ride to an unsettling conclusion
    Genre: First Person Escape/ Survival Release date: September 15, 2015 “There are things known and
    11/02/15 | News | by Cindy Kyser
  • The sci-fi adventure from RW Bivins features a dynamic, open world in which every experience is unique
    Visit the Kickstarter page Admit it: you've always wanted to attend the end of the world. Projec
    11/01/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • A mystery-adventure for PC/Windows that's free but flawed
    Genre: Mystery-Adventure Release date: October 31, 2015 (Zodiac Store, itch.io, Game Jolt); Novembe
    10/31/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Once the episode begins to delve into new material, credits roll??
    Genre: Point-And-Click Adventure GameRelease date: October 27, 2015 Telltale shocked us a
    10/29/15 | News | by Ian Sims
  • The best of modern big-budget, AA titles are games that have awesome depth, complexity, and narrative richness. I feel sorry for my friends who refuse to give modern video games a try.
    I’d like to tell you a story. This is how I spent my Monday night. The story takes place in the l
    10/29/15 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • After my first playthrough of 80 Days I couldn't wait to play it again!
    Genre: Visual Novel Adventure GameRelease date: September 28, 2015 "All of my plans were
    10/29/15 | News | by Kyle Brown
  • Y2K is quite short, but I had a good time playing it. If there had been more to it, I would have given it a higher grade
     Note: Review was originally posted June 17, 1999 Here's a nifty little gumdrop of a game. It
    10/29/15 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • The chilling point-and-clicker from The Game Kitchen and Phoenix Online Publishing continues with The Playwright
    The Last Door Chapters 1 - 3 Review - October 28, 2013 The Last Door: Season 2, Episode 1 -
    10/27/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Digital Media Workshop's first-person, point-and-click sci-fi adventure game can soon be yours; pre-orders are currently available
    Prominence Offers Up Some Pre-Release Goodies - July 22, 2015 In Prominence, persecuted refugees k
    10/22/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Not only is this the shortest game I have ever played, but it is also the most dumbed-down
    It is a proven fact that action gamers are suckers for eye candy at the expense of plot and theme. M
    10/22/15 | News | by Randy Sluganski
  • For Telltale fans, Story Mode is more of the same winning formula; for Minecraft fans it’s an enjoyable interpretation that has the potential for greatness.
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: October 13, 2015 Telltale Games has become the m
    10/21/15 | News | by Ian Sims
  • Unbound Creations' Slavic-themed, story-driven adventure needs your support. Now go vote it up or you may be tossed off the airship.
    Visit the Greenlight page Karaski: What Goes Up (Must Come Down...as a Game for PC/Windows) -
    10/20/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • The newly-formed indie studio, comprised of former members of Roark Media, Crytivo Games, Crytek, EA and Ronimo Games, promises an epic story in an open-world action-adventure RPG where what happens is up to you
    World Never End will be a highly dynamic experience in which everything will react to player choices
    10/19/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Developer Amanita Design says it plans to release the game "later this year"
    Samorost 3 is Still "Coming (Not Very) Soon," But Sooner Than Before - May 15, 2015 Samorost 3 Tease
    10/17/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios give the little critter a new, more ambitious playground powered by Unreal 4
    Focus Home and Cyanide have released the first official screenshot from Styx: Shards of Darkness. Th
    10/17/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • From indie developer Domaginarium, the game will combine platforming, cosmic horror and a Lovecraftian tale
    Download a playable prototype The developer of the psychological horror adventure Enola&nbs
    10/16/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Showcases the game's Eagle Vision tool, a feature that enables players to discover enemies and key features from a distance
    Tom Goldberger, Senior PR Manager at Ubisoft: The ambition of this project was huge and it was m
    10/16/15 | News | by Karla Munger
  • A short “walking simulator” that attempts to psychoanalyze a game developer. Quite deep.
    Genre: Walking SimulatorRelease date: October 1, 2015 “Trust the art, never the artist.
    10/15/15 | News | by Bob Washburne
  • Although Sanity is surprisingly satisfying from an adventure aspect, the game's poor controls and horrible load times eliminate most of the fun in this game
    Note: This review was originally posted September 26, 2000  It seems like it's been a quiet su
    10/15/15 | News | by Erik Reckase
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