• I played The Bunker in a single sitting. It was simply too good to walk away from.
    Genre: Adventure, Full Motion Video (FMV)Release date: September 20, 2016 Note: Not to be
    09/20/16 | News | by Cindy Kyser
  • Yellowstar Games seeks your backing for its point-and-click time-travel adventure
    Visit the Indiegogo page Back It's TIME! for Windows, Mac and Linux and help Yellowstar Games
    09/18/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • The Kickstarter-funded game is also seeking additional backing from Crytek's “million-dollar” Indie Dev Fund
    Horror Adventure Ghost Theory to Re-Materialize on Kickstarter This Month - April 5, 2016 Indi
    09/17/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • A playable pre-alpha demo is also available
    Visit the Indiegogo page Lovecraft Tales is set in the dark universe created by H.P. Lovecraft.
    09/15/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Explore the seven Realms of infamous Tastan Tomb 35 in search of riches, accompanied by advanced A.I. in the form of a holographic female sentinel known as the Dormeuse
    Genre: Mystery Fantasy AdventureRelease Date: December, 2004Platform: PCNote: Originally published 2
    09/15/16 | News | by Bob Washburne
  • Look for it September 22nd on the App Store, Google Play, Steam, and the Humble Store
    Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings is Almost Here - August 16, 2016 Steve Jac
    09/12/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Clever, unusual puzzle platforming, but boring graphics for a PS4 game.
    Genre: Puzzle PlatformerRelease date: August 19, 2016Review Platform: PS4 Metrico+ i
    09/09/16 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • The game creates a sense of dread that's maintained throughout the entire adventure, and the graphics are, in a word, stunning.
    Genre: Action, AdventureRelease date: August 1, 2016 Who Am I?   Lethe – Episode
    09/08/16 | News | by Cindy Kyser
  • From an astonishing secret hidden by the Nazis at the end of WW2 to the heart of Prague and beyond, unlock the secrets of the ancient Mayans
    Genre: Sci-Fi / Mystery / AdventureRelease Date: 2005Platform: PCAlternate Title (N. America):
    09/08/16 | News | by Tally Ho
  • If you've never visited the underworld, here's your chance in this point-and-click remake of the 2006 Flash game of the same name
    Visit the Kickstarter page Visit the Greenlight page Arrival in Hell was born in 2006 as a
    09/07/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • If you’re a fine-art fanatic who also happens to own an HTC Vive, you’ll probably delight in Firebird - La Péri
    Genre: Adventure, Virtual RealityRelease date: August 19, 2016 Firebird: La Péri, develo
    09/06/16 | News | by Bailey James
  • Return to the Golden Age of sci-fi in this story-driven adventure with RPG elements from Pixel Federation
    Catch Morning Men Any Time of Day on Steam Greenlight Concepts - July 25, 2016 The World of Morni
    09/03/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Discover a world of floating islands in this first-person exploration adventure RPG from Magic Sandbox and Headup Games
    Visit the Early Access page Arachnophobe alert: There be spiders here (see the last screenshot)
    09/01/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • AoM is a murder/mystery, third-person point-and-click adventure in the tradition of Still Life and Post Mortem.
    Genre: Adventure Note: This review was originally posted July 5, 2008 As a Polish-American myself,
    09/01/16 | News | by Randy Sluganski
  • This comedy adventure from Motiviti Games has been inspired by Saturday morning cartoons
    Elroy is an unlikely hero, and you get to play him in this slapstick comedy. His/your mission: g
    09/01/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Experience a tale of humanity lost in the depths of space courtesy of Pulsetense Games and Kiss Ltd
    First-Person Space Adventure De-Void Gets a New Launch Date and Video - August 14, 2016 Your d
    08/31/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Developer Outsider Games, comic publisher Atomic Diner and Northern Ireland Screen have partnered to transform the award-winning comic book into a supernatural point-and-click adventure
    Jennifer Wilde: The Ghost of Oscar Wilde will transport you to back to 1921 and Jazz-Age Paris. Youn
    08/30/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • See the latest campaigns, and review the table of all "classic" adventure games that have used Kickstarter and Indiegogo, along with their status.
    Greetings and welcome to the world of crowdfunding. If you're new to crowdfunding and aren't entire
    08/30/16 | News | by Bob Washburne
  • Visit your childhood home in search of your missing sister in this psychological horror-adventure from Deceptive Games
    Visit the Early Access page In response to a letter you've received from your sister asking for y
    08/30/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • A new and innovative interface for interactive fiction. Perfect for fans of story-driven computer games.
    Genre: Adventure (Mature)Release date: August 3, 2016 Not your Father's Text Adventure &
    08/26/16 | News | by Cindy Kyser
  • The only way to "see" in this mic-enabled thriller from Singapore-based Gattai Games is via sound
    Stifled is the spiritual successor to Lurking, an award-winning game developed over a six-mont
    08/25/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Using surveillance cameras and other tools, guide main character Lea towards freedom after she's trapped in a grounded tanker
    Genre: Sci-Fi AdventureRelease Date: 2008Platform:  PCNote: Originally published 20 M
    08/25/16 | News | by Bobbi Carlini
  • A deeply poignant, profoundly unique experience that is a definite must-play.
    Genre: Action, AdventureRelease date: August 16, 2016 Without question, Bound is one of t
    08/23/16 | News | by Randall Rigdon
  • Gameplay that can’t be summed up by saying, “Well, it plays like a Telltale game." Batman is Telltale’s sharpest game to date.
    Genre: Point-And-Click AdventureRelease date: August 8, 2016 Did you know that Batman’s
    08/22/16 | News | by Ian Sims
  • Daedalic also showcases new gameplay trailer that provides insight into the fantastic world of its upcoming adventure
    Note: This game was originally called Silence: The Whispered World II, sequel to The Whispered World
    08/19/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • The sequel to The Inner World, from Studio Fizbin/Headup Games, is currently in development for PC, Mac, console and mobile devices
    In The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk, you'll return to Asposia with Laura, Robert and Peck on a
    08/18/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Meet Delores Edmund, who warns us about the town featured in the title of this upcoming point-and-click adventure from Terrible Toybox
    Thimbleweed Park: New Trailer - August 6, 2016 The town of Thimbleweed Park once thrived wit
    08/18/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • The latest installment of the adventure saga from Benoît Sokal is still set to launch December 1st; pre-orders are now available
    Syberia 3: New Features Revealed at E3 - June 17, 2016 Microïds has released new screenshots
    08/18/16 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Intoxicating. It’s definitely a game you’ll want to experience more than once.
    Genre: Exploration AdventureRelease date: August 2, 2016Review Platform: PS4 Let’s
    08/18/16 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • Starring superstarlet Tia Carrere, THE DAEDALUS ENCOUNTER boasts a terrific central premise. Is it enough?
    Note: This review was originally posted on August 7, 2009 INTRODUCTION: Starring superstarlet Tia C
    08/18/16 | News | by Ray Ivey
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