Nihilumbra -- An Action-Adventure Platform-Puzzler
Nihilumbra -- An Action-Adventure Platform-Puzzler
PC version will hit stores in September
Posted: 09/11/13 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh, Other
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Indie developer BeautiFun Games has announced that their first game, Nihilumbra -- originally for iOS -- will soon be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Nihilumbra will offer a deep, complex experience. Join Born, who is created from an absolute nothingness known as The Void, as he breaks free and appears in the world.

Accompany him on an odyssey as he uses the power of colors to alter his surroundings. Five worlds are his canvas; change them at will.

But the Void must be whole, and seeks to reclaim Born. It will never stop chasing him as it destroys everything in its path. Help Born stay alive and escape being consumed by pure emptiness.     

Complete the game and unlock a great surprise. Replayability is assured.
BeautiFun Games is a small and awesome videogame development company founded March 2011 in Sabadell (Barcelona).

The folks at BeautiFun love videogames and create games that other videogame lovers can enjoy. Their goal is to avoid the clichés and to bring people what they really need: FUN.

And they bring it in a beautiful way.
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