History in Letters - The Eternal Alchemist Screens, Character Images, Info
History in Letters - The Eternal Alchemist Screens, Character Images, Info
A point-and-click adventure with mini-games and hidden object elements for PC, Mac and Tablets from indie studio Z-Software GmbH
Posted: 07/08/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Z-Software GmbH | Platform: Mac, Windows, Tablet

The members of the Z-Software team are big adventure fans who have wanted to create an adventure game for quite some time. This dream will now become a reality with History in Letters - The Eternal Alchemist. After months of planning and working on the game, Z-Software is proud to share with us the first screens, character images and information from the game.

History in Letters - The Eternal Alchemist will combine classic point-and-click aspects with mini-game puzzles and hidden object elements. The setting is modern day France and includes locations across that country.

The game's protagonist, Dr. Remy Chaveau, is at the beginning of a promising career as a philologist. He is hired by a client to investigate a strange family heirloom: an old encrypted diary.

As Remy is deciphering the diary, several words stand out; among them is the name Flamel. He goes on to discover this is not an ordinary diary, but a guide to something much bigger.

Remy consults his mentor and friend Professor Dupont, hoping for his assistance. An expert in old languages, codes and ciphers, Dupont is eager to help.

Remy leaves copies of the diary's pages with DuPont, and embarks on a quest to follow a net of unraveling clues. This leads to France, where he picks up the trail of the legendary alchemist Nicolas Flamel.

After a journey fraught with obstacles, Remy reaches Flamel’s former home and finds the cemetery where Flamel’s grave is thought to be. Here, he encounters Stella Morin. A young survivalist and adventurer with exotic charisma and a clouded past, Stella is especially interested in the story of Flamel and agrees to help Remy on his journey.

With the aid of the diary, Remy and Stella discover a secret entrance that leads deep into the ground, and it's here that the game's main story begins to unfold...

History in Letters - The Eternal Alchemist is currently in development for PC, Mac and Tablets. It's possible that additional platforms will be added in the future.

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