The Detail Interactive Trailer, Screens, Info
The Detail Interactive Trailer, Screens, Info
Rival Games seeks to raise the bar for dramatic interactive narrative on mobile and PC platforms
Posted: 07/06/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Rival Games | Platform: Other, Ipad

Note: This trailer requires user interaction

With The Detail, developer Rival Games promises to deliver a new form of entertainment.

This action-adventure RPG puzzle game will be episodic and resemble a TV series blended with interactive, story-driven gaming. It will have the style of a graphic novel.

Players will experience branching storylines and tough moral choices that carry over from one episode to the next.

Investigate criminal activity and scenes of murder; arrest suspects and interrogate them; navigate the pitfalls of a criminal underworld.

To support The Detail on Greenlight, click here. Release date is TBD.

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