A Song for Viggo Trailer, Videos, Screens, Info
A Song for Viggo Trailer, Videos, Screens, Info
A Kickstarter campaign has just been launched by indie developer Simon Karlsson
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A Song for Viggo isn't about saving the world. It's about coping with tragedy and saving a soul.

You play a father who accidentally kills his son but has to keep on living, even though everything crumbles around him.

Your goal is to maintain everyday life despite the tragic circumstances. Be there for your daughter. Put food on the table. Do the dishes. Keep your marriage together. The struggles are of a psychological rather than mechanical nature.

There is only one puzzle. It's called life.

The story of A Song for Viggo delves into areas we don't normally talk to each other about in the real world. It investigates of the nature of depression, one of the world's main public diseases.

It's about a simple fact: Even after the end, everything continues.

The game is being made using folded paper and stop-motion animation. Navigation will be point-and-click. Stockholm-based indie developer Simon Karlsson is creating the entire game by himself.

A Song for Viggo will be released for Windows and Mac in 2015. A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until June 29th. Simon would appreciate your support!

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