Forward to the Sky Gameplay Videos, Screens, Info
Forward to the Sky Gameplay Videos, Screens, Info
Here we have a third-person, Zelda-like action-adventure game from indie developer Magichnology
Posted: 05/05/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Magichnology | Platform: Other

Visit the IndieGoGo page (campaign will end on May 10, 2014; your support would be appreciated)

Discover the story of the sky tower!

Forward to the Sky is a third-person action-adventure that takes place in a sky tower ruin. It has no spoken words. As Princess, your task is to collect all fresco pieces and connect the story that will be revealed once you reach the top level.

The game's focus is on puzzles, and features a mixture of action and adventure gameplay. It offers a relaxing mood, bright art, adventurous but peaceful music, and simple control and combat. It's a game that will appeal to both novice and hardcore players.

Forward to the Sky will be released on PC, Mac and Linux at a date TBD. If you like what you see, please consider supporting the game on IndieGoGo.

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