Upside-Down Dimensions Screens and Info

Upside-Down Dimensions Screens and Info

Enter a folded paper world in a classic tale of good vs. evil in this game from indie developer Hydra Interactive Entertainment


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News: Upside-Down Dimensions: An Enchanting and Visually Stunning Action RPG - April 15, 2014

Thousands of years ago, a great number of samurai fought against an evil that filled the lands with demons. They summoned an ancient divinity called The Golden Dragon, who cleansed the world of evil.

In a bid to keep the world free from such monstrosities forever, the Golden Dragon locked itself into the ground and produced three keys, to be divided, hidden and sealed among the three clans of samurais, in order to ensure the great evil would never return.

Now a mysterious Dark Shogun and his Sorcerer, whose desire for destruction knows no bounds, aim to take the three keys and fog the world with evil once more.

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