Inspire Me Official Trailer, Screens, Info

Inspire Me Official Trailer, Screens, Info

Travel back in time, solve a series of puzzles and inspire some of the greatest minds in history in this point-and-click adventure from indie developer Blyts Studios


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The year is 2043. Little Kelvin has been playing in his father's lab after he's been told not to fool around with the time machine therein. Now time is broken and world history is about to change forever unless Kelvin goes into the past and repairs the damage he's done.


  • The game will be released with 3 scenarios including Newton's, Beethoven's and Da Vinci's. As you can imagine, Kelvin will have to inspire these geniuses to come up with some of their most outstanding creations.
  • Newton and gravity: Find a way to place Newton's head in the apple's falling path.
  • Beethoven and the 5th Symphony: It is almost finished, but the perfect sound is missing. Help him get that note.
  • Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa: Make her laugh to allow Leonardo to capture the smile that makes this one of the world's most cherished art pieces.

Inspire Me will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. A Kickstarter campaign for the game will be launched in four days.

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