3:00am Dead Time - New Demo Released - Trailers, Screens, Info
3:00am Dead Time - New Demo Released - Trailers, Screens, Info
Become a paranormal investigator and face the scariest phenomena from all over the world
Posted: 02/24/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Irreverent Software | Platform:

A new demo of 3:00am Dead Time has recently been released (For those interested in trying the demo, see link below). The game now runs on the UDK engine rather than Unity. The demo includes the first chapter of the game (the tutorial mission), and includes plenty of enhancements from the earlier build. Among the changes are the inclusion of image filters, updates to the paranormal AI system and interaction systems, and new improved graphics.

Watch 3:00am Dead Time, Demo 0.2 (in UDK) Launch Trailer  

Watch Teaser Trailer

About the Game:

In 3:00am Dead Time, you're part of a research team that travels around the world looking for the most shocking and terrifying evidence of paranormal entities to use in a Paranormal Research TV show.

This is a game that will play with your mind. It will adapt to your behavior and react accordingly, changing and evolving, in order to provide the most complete and shocking experience in horror games ever seen on a PC.

Use your skills to discover terrifying truths or simply wait for the beings of the night to find you. Or will you have the guts to actually invoke the paranormal forces and challenge them? It is your choice.

From ghosts and demons to aliens and gnomes; from graveyards and forests to old churches and haunted houses, the world is yours to explore.

Demo Download Available from www.indiedb.com

3:00am Dead Time, Demo 0.2 (UDK version)

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