Aterweald II Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots and Info

Aterweald II Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots and Info

The sequel to Aterweald: Witch Hunt will take players on a first-person fantasy-horror adventure in which they play two characters


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Gameplay Trailer added February 26, 2014

Meet Matilda, the main character in Aterweald II. She's an adventurous young woman who longs for excitement and joins a secret society of witch hunters. She will be players' primary role, and her adventure will turn out to be much bigger than she ever expected. 

Say hello to Baldwin, a secondary protagonist whose role players will take on periodically. He doesn't like excitement. In fact, he's pretty much the opposite of Matilda. Through a series of misadventures, however, he ends up in a dungeon and spends most of the game trying to escape.

And here we have the antagonist: a fantasy diety named Ses, who lives in an underground fort situated deep inside a system of caves near a small village named Aterweald.

The servants of Ses are described as soulless witches -- the witches that Matilda eventually hunts. 

Aterweald II will be released on PC and split into eight chapters. Kaloyan Marinoff is a 17-year-old indie developer from Bulgaria.
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