Heaven's Hope Trailer, Screens, Info
Heaven's Hope Trailer, Screens, Info
A point-and-click-adventure in 2.5D from indie developer Mosaic Mask Studio that tells the tale of the fall and rise of angel candidate Talorel
Posted: 12/26/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Mosaic Mask Studio | Platform: Windows, Mac

Just as Talorel is about to pass the exam that would make him a full-fledged angel, a mid-air collision with an unknown object causes him to fall to Earth near the town of Heaven's Hope, which is deep in the throes of The Inquisition. Some days, you just can't win.

Talorel must return to Heaven before the archangels discover what's happened and cast him out forever. And oh yeah, as long as he's on Earth, he must battle The Inquisition while coping with unfamiliar laws, creatures and objects of the earthly world. Piece of cake.

Heaven's Hope will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, tilting between laughter and horror as Talorel solves extraordinary puzzles, visits unusual places and gets to know many quaint characters.

  • Original setting and ingenious story
  • Over 8 hours of gaming fun
  • About 40 eerily beautiful, hand-drawn screens
  • Two heavenly companions giving advice to and taunting the protagonist
  • More than 25 odd inhabitants with own background stories
  • Different solutions and alternative endings
  • A tutorial which is integrated in the story
  • Solve side-quests and change the appearance of your character
  • Face the mysterious advertising column
  • Hollywood-style orchestral soundtrack by Jonathan vd Wijngaarden  
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