Kingdom Come: Deliverance Teaser, Screens, Info
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Teaser, Screens, Info
Experience a historically-rooted RPG in a consequence-laden, living world
Posted: 01/23/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Warhorse Studios | Platform: Xbox one, Playstation 4, Windows

News: Kingdom Come: Deliverance - No Magic, High Fantasy or Mythical Overtones -- December 20, 2013
Screenshots at right added January 22, 2014

Teaser - December 20, 2013

Info below added January 22, 2014

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a first-person, open world RPG that will take you to Medieval Europe in a time of great upheaval. As a young blacksmith trying to fulfill his father's dying wish, you're dragged into the middle of a conspiracy to save a kidnapped king and stop a bloody conflict.

You will fight as a knight, lurk in the shadows as a rogue or use a bard's charm to convert people to your cause. Your character will be defined by your choices.

Go deep into an epic, non-linear story from Daniel Vávra, the award-winning designer from the Mafia series. Every quest can be solved in multiple ways, and branched dialogue trees grant you the freedom to express yourself. Your reputation is based on your choices, and every choice you make carries appropriate consequences. There are no class restrictions; you can do anything you want, whenever and wherever you want.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance mixes the freedom and mechanics of Skyrim, the setting of Mount and Blade, the storytelling styles of The Witcher and Red Dead Redemption, and the tough combat dynamics of Dark Souls into a single, gorgeous package.

All of this and more is brought to life with next-gen visuals delivered via CryEngine. What's more, the game will support Oculus Rift.

A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until February 20, 2014.

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