Blackenrock - Formerly The Halloween Haunting - A Few New Screens, New Info
Blackenrock - Formerly The Halloween Haunting - A Few New Screens, New Info
Well, well...THERE it is!
Posted: 12/06/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Darkling Room | Platform: Windows
This may make things clearer... December 6, 2013

Blackenrock Island

In mythology, this ragged, rocky remnant of old Ulcombe is thought to contain the remains of an ancient Anglo Saxon landowner, or baron.

Folklore suggests the ashes of Baron Lammana are hidden from the weather, and treasure hunters, in the caves that honeycomb the interior of the island. Few have sought to locate the tomb, as the caves are notoriously disorientating, with local people stating that they are endless.

Morbid Fascinations

- The Unusual, Unexplainable & Strange - Issue 107
- For Inquisitive Gentlemen & Curious Ladies -

Horror Tourists Flock To Sheep Suicide Spot

Boar's Head Cove, Blackenrock Island, has become popular with ghoulish tourists seeking a morbid moment away from seaside tourist trappings of Saxton. Many of the Islands sheep stumble from the rocks, to plummet to the crashing waves, below.
Note: If visiting the Island, which is unlikely given the current owners dislike of visitors, be sure to lunch afterwards. The sight of a recently sea scraggy sheep can be enough to turn the stomach. Tally ho!

The Barons

To manage their kingdom, the ruling kings (Ganwulf and Pendraed) elected thirteen barons apiece. Some were Saxons, new arrivals in a strange land. Others were of Saxton and the surrounding fields. Each was chosen as fitted their craft. Some crafts were wholesome, to live with the landscape and to feed from the land. Whereas the darker crafts involved blood and pain, magick and darkness.
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